Why Ram Gopal Verma is like God in Bollywood ?

This question requires a lot of thought. If you ask me such a question it's like asking a religious man why he believes in religion. He knows it but cannot tell you in simple terms.

I will be thinking about this, and so will you (hopefully!)

Will be back on this.


Memoirs of a Geisha

Beautiful !
That one word does not sum it all up but is just the beginning of what this movie is.

The movie is based on the book by Arthur Golden of the same name. The movie is a saga so to speak of dreams, romance, emotions and people. Its set in Japan and like other countries and cultures of the orient( as I like to put it) it is a colourful tale of Zhang Zyi as a young girl (chiyo) brought up to be the legendary geisha Sayuri, who is the protégé of the ever so elegant Michelle Yeoh as Mameha. The historic World War II plays its role and changes the course of lives of many in the story.

As the VO says at the beginning- 'Perhaps it is a story that must never be told for the mysteries make it the world it is'. (Something to this effect)

The movie is a colourful expanse of people, feelings, culture and more so the spirit of the human dream. This movie immediately reminded me of Bernado Bertolucci's -'The Last Emperor'. What? Why? Memoirs is Japanese and Last Emperor is Chinese. So what? Both movie look at an integral part of the culture of the region and beautifully portray them in all their vibrant colours.
Memoirs of a Geisha is like one large painting painted with divine colours by a blessed hand.

Zhang Zyi was pretty impressive in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and has gone to show in this movie that the promise is still justified (not regarding the appearance in rush hour 2).

Michelle Yeoh, is well... Michelle Yeoh. Graceful, elegant, attractive and a wonderful actress.

Rob Marshall's direction is breathtaking, drawing you into the landscape and the story.

Must Watch. Must Own.

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