Assault on Precinct 13

Typical good cop-bad cop movie.

Saw this on HBO. Again based on actual events, I think.

A captured gangster who has a few powerful cops in his pockets, a good cop in a station with lots of other convicts, a couple of innocent visitors, a snowstorm, a small station going to be torn down anytime and the cops-in-the gangster's pockets wanting to wipe out everybody else including the gangster ensures you have a typical cop action drama to watch.

John Carpenter at the helm with Ethan Hawke (good cop?), Lawrence Fishburne (what else, but the gangster), Fleeting appearances by Gabriel Byrne (bad cops boss), Maria Bello (innocent psychiatrist caught unawares...I really like this actress though!), John Leguizamo and Ja Rule and others rounds off the cast.

Is it a great cop movie? Naaa...
Not to compare but liked Training day a lot better. It had Ethan Hawke too and of course a power packed slightly overacting Denzel Washington backing that movie so...


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