A film by Madhur Bhadarkar.

the moment you see those word on screen, don't expect a run of the mill mushy-cushy entertainer. Madhur Bhandarkar falls into the Ram Gopal Verma kind of film makers who entertain by attempting movies that give you moments of amusement but more importantly let you come out of the theatre with some thoughts. In this case while nothing amazingly new is revealed, it still does provide some insights.

Warning: Like most movies it is not perfect. My opinions are mine alone and need not be approved by you (!!).

Celluloid is supposed to be all about dreams, escaping reality, but then it becomes a real challenge to show reality (or a version of it) and still let you be entertained. In Indian Cinema not many can claim to have this ability.

Corporate- Could be called a sequel to Page 3. While Page 3 took you into the so-called world of so-called Page 3 people and presented the story in a dry satirical manner, Corporate is a story, which could happen in any industry. It is the story of two corporates, their battle against each other, their sacrifices, their decisions, their compromises, their hypocrisy, and their lives. The movie is shot very simply without too many cinematic complications.

These kinds of directors seem to have a knack of casting almost perfect actors for the role and then giving these actors space to do their own thing. Excellent performances of Rajat Kapoor (I hope I got the spelling right), Bipasha Basu (who makes formal wear for women look really really really sexy!), Kay Kay Menon (really suits any role that requires intense frustration and anger to be expressed in a subtle or overt manner). Raj Babbar continues to have tremendous screen presence but appears understated throughout the movie (intentional?).

Bipasha Basu really surprises with a controlled performance. Good supporting cast (Harsh Chaya and a few newcomers) add to the intensity of situations. Without giving much away- the movie is worth watching at least once. It lets you be a mute spectator to a story that unfolds involving individuals but whose actions have larger implications. ‘Times Now’ appears now and then in the movie as the news channel with all the news. Far from reality, I think! The movie- It definitely will not be a blockbuster, but should be well accepted by the metro audiences.

Are there loopholes and faults in the movie? Yes, of course plenty of them...but then, so what?

Eagerly awaiting Madhur's next movie- Signal (believe it even has Sudhir Mishra in a role!) and the DVD release of corporate.


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