Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sequels have this perennial problem of having to live up to their predecessors. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest too suffers from this uncontrollable practice.

Is the movie watchable? Definitely. The movie is a good watch…

Yes there is a ‘but’ in this. The movie is a good watch, but there is the zing and pace missing which was there in Curse of the Black Pearl. Gore Verbinski maintains the look and feel of the movie and the characters but somehow the pace of the movie, the story leaves you wishing for more. While the first movie had Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth in abundance ( & of course Captain Barbossa too), great dialogue, a tight storyline which made it so enjoyable, Dead Man’s Chest suffers due to the success of the first part. Special effects and close ups of Captain Davy Jones (and his sea-live crew) takes away most of the screen time, making you wish to hear more of Jack Sparrow. There are moments of hilarity, but till the interval of the movie you end up waiting for the plot to actually take off. A few moments of comic depiction, seem forced into the movie. It’s almost as if the moments were thought of and then inserted to a story that was found. This might seem too harsh a statement to make, but then I was so impressed with Curse of the Black Pearl, that my expectation from the sequel were a little beyond what I got to see.

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has to gain possession of Davy Jones’s Locker (chest) or will end up giving his soul to Davy Jones (the lord of death in the seas, as per usual sea tales). His tricks, gift of the gab, the love of Elizabeth (Keira Knightly) for Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Sparrow’s ever loyal crew, Davy Jones and his gross colorful crew plus a few new characters in the tale ensure that you watch the entire movie and…there will be a part 3.

Johnny Depp is brilliant as ever playing Jack Sparrow. Doesn’t have too much to do most of the time though. Less of SFX and more usage of the characterization would have perhaps made the sequel a lot more enjoyable. Orlando Bloom does his job as will and has proven he can be a very capable actor. Keira looks very nice (just love it when she pouts!).

Eagerly awaiting part 3, but will try and avoid having any expectations, just so that I enjoy the movie.


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