Directed by Rohit Shetty, this movie attempts to be a rollicking roller coaster ride of laughter, but doen't quite take off.

With a talented star cast comprising of Ajay Devgan (not really know for his comical skills though), Sharman Joshi (with his brilliant performance and comic timing in Rang De Basanti), Arshad Warsi (who time and again has proved his natural ability at comic performances), Tushar Kapoor (who's proved he's good at reacting rather than acting in a couple of 'raunchy' (??) comedies), Rimi Sen (playing her usual attractive self) and Paresh Rawal (who's as natural at Comedy as rains in mangalore during the rainy season) and appearances from Mukesh Tiwari etc the movie could have risen from the 'trying to be a great comedy' to actually being a great comedy.

The storyline (or the faint semblance of it) falls through after the first 20 minutes. Yes, there are a few stray incidents which evoke laughter, but then the whole movie appears to be a collection of laughter evoking incidents strewn together and then a story created to fit them all.

The story is of a group of 4 friends who happen to be good at conning people (title-Golmaal, get it ?) and then land up at the house of a blind couple with one of the gang pretending to be the returning from abroad grandson, getting caught up in the events that unfold. A parallel chasing-the-girl scenario provides a few laughs with Rimi Sen providing the interest. Paresh Rawal is highly underutilized. Ajay Devgan doesn't really have much of acting to do. Arshad Warsi does shine in whatever little the role allows him to do.

I might seem harsh because of overexposure to comedy recently but then you cannot help comparing this movie to movies such as Malamaal Weekly (which did provide a lot of laughs)and realizing that there is something missing in this long drawn getting boring at time movie.


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