House of Wax & The Last Shot

Saw these two movies on DVD yesterday.

House of Wax- the best part- Elisha Cuthbert. There is Paris Hilton too if you are a fan. Thrills, chills and horror it is supposed to be-the movie I mean and not Paris Hilton. A group of friends on a road trip, land up in a strange cut-away-from-reality town in the middle of nowhere. The town has its secrets and there's a killer lurking. Sounds familiar? Yup...It does bcos this is how most teen horror flicks are. This one is too. Only difference- WAX! Lots of wax. A killer who embalms his victims alive in was. Gawd! The whole town is made up of people embalmed in Wax. Was only wondering- when the killer/s are killing one or two or three or four and embalming them all, what was the rest of the town doing? Waiting in line to be waxed?

Anyways, a movie that can be watched on DVD only if you are an Elisha Cuthbert fan (like me !) or a Paris Hilton fan (unlike me) or u like to just keep watching movies (like me) or u do like not so great so called horror movies (unlike me) !

The Last Shot- An aspiring movie director (working as an attendant in a movie theatre), an ambitious FBI agent, A mobster interested in cinema, an undercover plot by the FBI, a whole bunch of people interested in acting in a movie, a script that moves everyone, Mathew Broderick (I hope I got this spelling right), Alec Baldwin, Toni Collete, Calista Flockhart, Tony Shaloub, Ray Liotta, some hilarious sequences and you have a light can-watch-on Saturday-afternoon kind of comedy. What do I say? I always love mobster movies, although this doesn't really fit into that category, but then...Well...Ok.


Roshmi,  July 8, 2006 at 11:14 PM  

The presence of Paris Hilton is enough to put me off..........from anything......guess am alergic to her....:)......Elisha Cuthbert.......who?? Seems to me that this 'House of Wax' is a hybrid b/w 'Darna Mana Hai' and a Suniel Shetty, Dino, Karishma, Jackie Shroff starrer with Suniel Shetty in a -ve role as a psycho......'Baaz - a bird in Danger'..........?? The only difference is that the psycho character (Suniel) used to dunk them in acid......Indianised version I guess.........audience here have heard of the various 'uses' of Tezaab and not wax..........well for a change Hollywood is making movies 'inspired' by Bollywood.........way to go!!

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