Lord of War

The movie is said to be based on actual events and that is a very believable statement. Watch the movie and you will know why. The opening credit sequence is wonderfully pictured with from metal to ammunition to entering a kid's head in some far off place.

Directed in a quasi documentary fashion by Andrew Niccol (who also gets the story credit), who also directed ‘Gattaca’, has his favorite Ethan Hawke back as an incorruptible law enforcement agent. Nicholas cage plays a character that he does best. A character with a normal background rising to the big league in the world of arms dealing, tugged by his conscience, voiced and reinforced by Jared Leto playing his brother.

Bridget Moynahan (The Recruit, I-Robot, Coyote Ugly) looks ravishingly refreshing as a model and wife of Yuri (Cage), in the dark about her husband's actual profession. The movie will give the layman (like me and you) a brief overview of the shady world of arms dealing in the international market. Eamonn Walker (really impressive in OZ) puts in an impressive performance as Andre Baptiste Sr, a self declared lord of a nation, ruling the land by the gun.

It’s ultimately all about supply demand. If there's a demand, somebody will supply. The governments, the Warlords, the Dictators, corrupt army officials, Mobsters all feature in this drama.

Like all other businesses, the business of arms dealing looks at one thing and one thing only- Profits.

You do get to hear a lot on the rules of the trade. Ex: The most important rule of gun running is- never get shot with your own merchandise.

Did I like this movie? Yes, of course. I always like reality shown in a fictional format. This movie reminds me of other movies like 'Blow', Goodfellas etc etc. Realistic and yet dramatic.


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