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Had the pleasure of watching a few movies and got a couple of good ones in a row. Not had this pleasure other than during the Oscars (When I got to watch all the nominated movies in a row, other than Brokeback Mountain, which I haven't watched yet!)

Saw Date Movie, Scary Movie 4, Inside Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Goal. The first two were no great shakes and they aren't meant to be. But the last three... Well.......pure viewing ecstasy. The inside Man (Has Chaiyan Chaiyan as the title song and end credit score!) is a beautiful thriller. May not be up there in the league of thrillers, but put in a cool plot, a cool robber, a serious cop, the beautiful Jodie Foster and a secret hidden away in a Bank locker, you get a good movie. Worth a watch.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-Remember those detective movies in the 70s? Well this one, made in 2005 is so good; it would have been a hit in the 70s (if you get what I am saying). If you have watched some of those old who dun its, u will know what I mean. Val Kilmer, as a gay detective is a treat to watch, with the bumbling Robert Downey Jr as a thief turned actor-turned detective and the very pretty Michelle Monaghan adding to the lighter side of things with a murder mystery, a couple of bodies, a couple of goons and yeah, a narrator too to take you through the movie and you have a classic whodunit.

Goal is a movie on the triumph of the human spirit. Yeah... we’ve heard that one before. But what with the world cup and all going on, a movie about an illegal immigrant wanting to play football and actually getting to try out at an English club, which would count as triumph of the Human Spirit right? Really worth a watch. Guest appearances by Beckham, Zidane, Raoul, Gerrad etc add a little colour to the otherwise also very moving movie!


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