Superman Returns

It is very difficult to form original or uninfluenced thoughts about movies that are remakes or sequel to great original classics.

Superman Returns is one such movie. Everybody would have seen the movie or read a comic on Superman at some point in life. Everyone who loves watching movies would also have heard about the making of Superman Returns. So obviously expectations will be sky high.

Bryan Singer has done a good job and modern film making technology definitely makes a huge difference. First things first - Brandon Routh. He is a commendable successor to Christopher Reeves in look, mannerism and presence.

Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane- only movie I have seen her in before is Blue Crush and really loved her in that so will only have good things to say about her. She looks nice and petite and does her part well as the attractive journalist in love with the Superhero.

Kevin Spacey- He seems to really relish these strong, at time loud roles with a touch of eccentricity rolled in. As Lex Luthor, he does fit in and then does justice to the character, as much as possible.

The movie- Seems slow and boring by normal superhero movie standards but that's possibly because Superman has a lot of history and considering the fact that the movie is coming out many years after the last Superman movie (part 3 or 4 was it?) it was necessary to fill in the new viewers with the history.

Of course the movie lets you see (imagery) of Marlon Brando and hear his voice again! That's quite a treat.

Superman Returns is a movie that comic book fans, Superman fans will love. Movie has gotta be watched though, for the same reason that no Spiderman movie is to be missed, for the same reason that no James Bond movie should be missed and well... You get the point I guess!


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