Phir Nahi Hera Pheri

Directed by Neeraj Vohra who is credited with screenplay in the first part (Hera Pheri), the sequel is a mish-mash of sequences and doesn’t really have the lasting power that Priyadarshan’s tight direction brought to the first part.

The cast has Paresh Rawal as Babu Rao, Akshay Kumar as Raju, Suniel Shetty as Shyam and brings in Bipasha Basu as Anuradha and Rimi Sen as Anjali. There are quite a few other actors and characters.

The story starts off with a get rich quick scheme and goes on to other things, as usual. The other thing in this case is a shameless rip-off of Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Shameless because it is so poorly filmed that jelly in the skull instead of brains would be required to evoke a semblance of laughter.

Bipasha just cannot run and the sequence where she is allegedly running with a couple of goons chasing her is the funniest of all. Paresh Rawal is brilliantly wasted in this sequel. Yes, the old Babu Rao is still there but lost a little due to lack of a strong story and non-existent direction.

You don’t miss much if you don’t watch this one.

Himesh Reshammiya ‘s music is no great in this except for the music video at the end – Ai Meri Zoharajabeen.

Definitely give a miss, unless it’s coming on one of the channels and its raining outside.


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