Lage Raho


The sequel to Munnabhai MBBS surpasses the original by leaps and bounds. The story of Lage Raho Munnabhai is fresh and the performances outstanding.

I believe Vidhu Vinod chopra was more keen on the title- Munnbhai vs Mahatma while a public poll decided in favour of Lage Raho !

The story brings you the very familiar Circuit (Arshad Warsi) and Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) with Munnabhai pretending to be a history professor trying to woo the RJ, Jhanavi (Vidya Balan). Boman Irani puts in a wonderful performance as Lucky Singh, a builder who uses Munnabhai's services and then 'falls sick'(watch the movie and you will know why !).

The pretense of being a professor and Gandhivadi soon changes the Dadagiri to Gandhigiri. The social messages and teachings of Gandhi do appear and are portrayed in a very appealing manner. Arshad Warsi, with his impeccable dialogue delivery and comic timing is outstanding and is only getting better with each movie he does.

Does truth make a difference ? Does non-violence pay ? These and a few other questions are explored in this movie but in an entertaining manner.

Raju Hirani has done a brilliant job of direction and the cinematic effects are a treat to the eye, especially in the song where Circuit and Munnabhai are drunk and Munnabhai is recounting his experience in the 'kissing car'.

Vidya Balan looks as fresh as she did in Parineeta and is absolutely beautiful to watch. You can be sure I will be watching all her movies now.

The movie is a must watch for kids and families and all. Definitely worth a 2nd watch.

Lage Raho.....Dekhte Raho


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