Don-The Chase begins again

One of the most eagerly awaited movies of the Diwali season. Eagerly awaited for many reasons- Remake of one of Amitabh’s greatest hits, Shahrukh Khan and Farhan Akthar’s fist venture etc etc. Let me admit right away that I have been very partial towards this movie as I was one those who was ‘eagerly waiting’ this movie.

The movie has had its share of reviews which haven’t been too favorable. But then, hey guys watch the movie because it is a movie, remake or not.

Most remade movies cannot stand up to their originals, because they are not originals, they are remakes, get it?

Don-The Chase begins again. The movie is entertaining, very stylish and a tad too long. The story is very well known so I will not dwell on it. Don is the elusive (wanted by the cops in 11 countries), dangerous, stylish lieutenant of a Drug lord. There is a cop DCP De Silva who is chasing Don and finally gets him in good old India but decides to replace him with a look alike, or does he? (Watch the movie to know more). There is the cop Mallick (Om Puri), there’s Roma (Priyanka Chopra) who’s out for revenge and all the other familiar names from the original don including Arjun Rampal as Jasjeet.

Having seen the original Don, I could not help but compare the two and – Kareena does a Helen in Yeh mera Dil, but does not quite make the mark, Arjun Rampal is completely miscast and does not do justice to the role played memorably by Pran in the original, Shahrukh Khan tells you why he is the star he is in the very popular Khaike Paan Banaraswala. The song is deliciously picturised and King Khan dives into it with complete relish.

This movie has three twists that deviates the story from the original. The first twist coming in at just about the interval and therefore the first half seems a little too slow. The two other twists are nice and not really predictable. I will not go into this anymore and spoil the film for you.

The movie is extremely stylish, brilliantly shot (some editing glitches and I think my theatre guy contributed with a bit of his own editing) and almost makes you think it is a Hollywood production.

There are some shortfalls. As I mentioned before, the movies stretches a little bit too long. The characters loose depth of character due to the inclusion of the twists and that somehow creates a missing ‘X’ factor in the movie. The missing X factor makes sure the movie is not great as it could have been. There is this sequence where Arjun Rampal is carrying his kid across the bridge of the Petronas towers. Wondered why he has to carry his kid who can walk just fine.

The movie will not go down as Farhan Akthar’s best but I enjoyed it for its production value, immensely planned styling and slick shooting. I absolutely enjoy these remakes which are faithful to the original but put in the contemporary touch and a few twists to make the tale believable.

Worth a watch even if it’s not going to be your most memorable movie.


Nanditha,  October 26, 2006 at 10:26 PM  

Hey Ved,
I saw the movie yday.... and my opinion on the movie will be different from what you think coz I've not seen the original... There was not much for me to compare except the helen dance/khaike paan/ amitabh... all said and done... the film is absolutely brilliant... i love the film for farhan akhtar.... i simply love the fact that farhan successfully sent the message with the one-liner "Don ko pakadna mushkil heen nahin, namumkin hain"... There were ofcourse a few "bundle" scenes... which he has very gracefully covered up with a witty joke [tumhara pyar mujhe khinchke laaya yahan tak - awesome!!!!] or a beautiful location or the technological glitz!!! I enjoyed the movie soooooo muchhhh!!!!!

I agree with you about the remake part... yes i watch them too as a whole film and not to compare and dissect... I also agree that the khaike paan was a well choreographed song by farah khan and shahrukh has done well in the song!

Now i wana see the original DON!!!!

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