V for Vendetta


Written by the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix trilogy makers)adapted a novel, and directed by James McTeigue the movie stars the very nice looking Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond, a girl working in a TV station, doubtful about the society and the way of life that is forced upon Britain, by a dictatorial chancellor and his political goons. Evey is rescued by the masked V (played by Hugo Weaving, Agent Smith in The Matrix)who finds Evey interesting and also sees her as an ally in his terrorist like activities in protest gainst the government.

The movie is kind of dark and interesting. It is like those dark comic storis and very entertaining. Hugo Weaving never appears on screen as himself and is always masked as V. Natalie Portman acts well and looks very attractive making the tale worth watching. The action is quick and very slick.

The movie did spark of some debate on whether it is politically motivated and a message against the current ruling party etc etc. But then as a non-involved movie watcher you will not get an inkling of this and will only see a story unfold.
is it a great movie ? No. It will never go down as a great movie or story but is worth at least one watch.


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