Cold Mountain

Watched Cold Mountain on DVD and was left feeling quite a bit cold.

Directed by Anthony Minghella (The English Patient), Cold Mountain, received an incredible 7 nominations at the Oscars (I wonder why). It is the sweeping tale of love & determination in the hardship caused by war. The tale is set in Cold Mountain (CM), North Carolina and has the civil war as the backdrop. Ada Monroe (Nicole Kidman) is the daughter of the new priest (Donald Sutherland, in a very brief role) in CM. Ada falls in love with Inman (Jude Law, looking cold as usual) who like all the other men runs of to join the confederate army. Ada dutifully waits for Inman to come back and writes him many a letter some of which do reach him on the frontline (Hurray for the postal service!) expressing her despair at their separation.

Inman, tired by the sights of war, and depressed by the senselessness of the killing trudges back to Cold Mountain. Chased by the Home Guards, labeled a deserter and meeting a helpful soul or two, Inman makes his way across the desolate snowy landscapes.

Meanwhile, Ada managing her farm after her father’s death is left fending off the wolves (men actually, who have the office of the home guards but behave like bandits) and is visited by the sparky Ruby (Renee Zellweger) who teaches her a thing too about handling life all by herself.

The movie tries to show the strength of the human spirit, powered by love and longing. It tries to show the triumph of determination over hardship.

Do Ada and Inman meet; does it end happily ever after? Well… watch the movie. Nicole and Rene do well. I don't find jude Law impressing enough or maybe it was the 'cold' that got to him. You may watch this movie if you really don’t have much to do or haven’t got tickets to the latest Martin Scorsese flick in town (The Departed)


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