Dhoom 2

The best of stunts, the best of costumes, the best of bodies, the best of locales, the best of bikes.....thats DHOOM 2 in its full glory for you.

A story ? Sadly thats one thing missing from this sequel that could have made this a trukly awesome movie. Sanjay Ghadvi (the director) takes some elements from the very successful Dhoom and then brings in some great bods like Bipahsa (That scene of her in a Bikini on a beach in Brazil is worth a lot of Hindi films ever made), Aishwarya and the women may just love Hrithik in a brilliant turnout as Aryan (the international, multi-disguised thief).

The action scenes are phenomenal for a Hindi movie. The costumes are real cool. Did I forget to mention Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his sidekick Ali (Uday Chopra) ? Well... they are there too and do what they usually do.

The story is nothing but a series of heists put together with some betrayals thrown in.

Really find the scene hilarious, where Hrithik uses a remote controlled machine to move between the feet of a half dozen or so on high alert cops to steal a diamond ! And no one notices anything ! Awesome, all these little lapses ensured that it remains a Hindi movie !

The movie overall is worth a rear stall ticket on any evening just for all the brilliant locales in brazil, the starting sequence and a few chase sequences and of course Bips in Bikini and some of you may just remember the movie for Aishwarya, her costumes and her first on-screen lip lock with hrithik of course .

If I buy the DVD it will be for the action and for Bips !


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