Snake Eyes

Brian De Palma at the helm so one would expect a slick thrilling tale to be unfolded. Had seen this on Star Movies a long time ago and saw it again on DVD, more so because of Carla Gugino, who I think is such a wonderfully good looking actress.

Don’t get to see too much of her though. She was in ER I think and also in a couple of kid flicks with Antonio Banderas.

Well, coming back to the movie. The scenario is this- One crooked cop (Nicholas Cage), his best friend (Gary Sinise) in charge of security of a VIP-the Secretary of Defense, a missile deal about to happen, a boxing match. Then an assassination, 14000 witnesses, all locked up in the arena of the casino.

The cop has to find out who is responsible, for the one person who does know what has happened and why it happened is the pretty young lady (Carla Gugino).

I always think Nicholas Cage is Christopher Walken, who even when he acts appears to be overacting. Nicholas Cage tries to be the crooked cop in mannerism and attitude. But then, something is missing and you don’t really get thrilled watching this De Plama thriller. The concept of murder and betrayal in a closed space is nothing new and has been done umpteen times right from the Agatha Christie days. De Palma takes this to the largeness of a casino and tries to keep you on the edge of your seats. Quite doesn’t make the mark though. Not De Palma’s fault really. The Story by him and Koepp doesn’t really hold water with the missing ‘X’ factor (the factor which you cannot pinpoint but is that 'something' which is missing from a movie), which is the bane of a quite a few movies..

As the punch line of the movie says – seeing is deceiving (or- believe everything except your eyes). So is the movie. A let down. Seeing it is really deceiving.


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