Bhagam Bhag

Bhago Bhago !

Run away from this movie. You miss nothing if you miss it. A mish mash of a couple of sequences put togther and you have a movie that does'nt know if it is supposed to be a comic caper or a murder thriller.

Akshay Kumar does'nt have much to do but tries his best. Paresh Rawal is there for appearance sake and completely underutilised. I thought I would say a few words on the story but believe me, to embark on that journey is absolutely a challenge so I will let it be, in my own selfish interest.

Govinda is gone. That comic hero of the David Dhawan movies has disappeared. Except for a 30 second sequence in a police station in London which has an Indian Police Comissioner (Jackie Shroff), Govinda looks puffed up and tired.

Lara Dutta looks nice and must be wondering what she really did in the movie.

Aaah ! Will the real Priyadarshan stand up ! Will the real Priyadarshan stand up !

Where art thou ? Art thou the same one who made Hera Pheri and Hungama ?


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