Kabul Express-Two Indians, an American, One Afghan and a Pakistani on a journey together

Kabul Express

A movie every Hindi movie watcher should watch. The movie is not great but to be watched at least once. Reason- It is one more Hindi movie among a few of the ones in the recent history that actually makes you believe there is hope for Hindi cinema to move ahead from the senseless candy floss and tear jerkers that seem to roll out.

The movie is the tale of two journalists from India (John Abraham & Arshad Warsi) who are down in Afghanistan trying to get an interview with the fleeing Taliban. They have an immensely pleasant Afghan guide and driver (Hanif Hum ghum), an American Journalist Jessica Beckham (Linda Arsenio) whom they rescue on the way from a few Afghan dacoits and a Paksitani Taliban Imran (Salman Shahid) who commandeers their vehicle on his quest to reach the border and get back into Pakistan.

There are many references to the fact that Afghanis are not the enemy. The Taliban is not Afghanistan etc etc. The hypocrisy of the Pakistan government and all the horrors of war.That exactly is the problem with this movie. Kabir Khan (Director and writer) tries to say it all in one movie and that makes sure that you get a feeling of a soul in the movie but it just disappears along the way and all you come out remembering are the one liners and comic expressions delivered with absolute brilliance (as usual) by Arshad Warsi.

The high point of the movie, other than the documentary style story telling with international styling, is the brilliant turnout of performances from one and all. John can act if forced to, Arshad does what he does, the Afghan and Pakistani actors really do a great job. The look in the face of Hanif hum Ghum which moves from despair to anger to acceptance is absolutely refreshing and innocent. Salman Shahid is absolutely controlled as the Pakistani Taliban soldier just looking to get home.

The argument about Imran Khan and Kapil Dev, the argument about who started the war and Arshad asking Ms. Beckham if she plays football, all are really memorable sequences.The references to Madhuri do, Kashmir Lo and Arshad and John mentioning that Madhuri has gone to the US evicts response from the Pakistani saying- everything that's good goes off to the US. references to Pepsi and Coco Cola and many other references while entertaining only add to what I said before- Too many stories attempted to be told in one movie !
Still, a must watch


Sujit December 20, 2006 at 8:56 AM  

Well sounds good enough to pull a a different segement of people looking for meaningful movies in the Bollywood domain...Let me go by your opinion and give it a try

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