Bloody great movie !

Blood Diamond

Leonardo DiCaprio speaking with an African accent, Uh Man, yeah bro ? That's right. Leonardo DiCaprio, after Gangs of New york, The Aviator, The Departed and now Blood Diamond proves he is a worthy contender to the Oscars this time for The Departed or Blood Diamond.

Edward Zwick really brings in the horror behind the trade of conflict diamonds with gruesome visuals that shock you not in their presentation, but in their meaning.

The story is of Danny Archer, a smuggler who gets caught smuggling diamonds in goats and the story of Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou, in a brilliant turnout after The Gladiator), both different in colour of the skin but yet Africans brought together by a diamond. A diamond which Solomon has hidden in the diamond fields where he was forced to work by the rebels after being taken away from his family. A diamond for which Danny Archer is ready to help him find his family and his son who is sucked into the horro of the war. A diamond for which Danny Archer enlists the help of a journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) who wants to do a story on the conflict diamond trade, and trudges across the country.

Each person embarks on the journey for their own purposes-the diamond, family, a story and are brought together by the horrors of civil war and greed that fuels the conflict diamond trade. A trade which makes millions homeless and refugees in their own land. None of whom who have seen a diamond.

The film grips you by your heart and takes you a ride which leaves you with a hollow feeling in the stomach. Leonardo and Djimon are the soul of the film with excellent supporting performances put in by Jennifer, Arnold Vosloo and others.

Definitely a movie to watch at least twice.


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