Maniratnam is the Guru !

Guru- Villager, Visionary, Businessman. You would have heard the rumour that the story is based on Dhirubhai. Yes, there seems to be a lot of similarities. Since I am not familiar with Dhirubahi, I cannot comment on the accuracy of similarities in the story of Gurubhai & Dhirubhai. The difference ... yes. Gurubhai has two daughters while we are familiar with the fact that Dhirubhai had a Mukesh and an Anil.

Missed the starting item number of Mallika Sherawat (sigh !). The story is Of Gurukant Desai who leaves his promotion and raise in an oil company abroad and returns to his village to start his own business, marries Aishwarya for the dowry as business capital, throws the Mumbai's local garment union into turmoil, finds support from a communist newspaper owner (Mithun Chakraborty), starts a polyester company which goes on to become the largest company in the country, complete with the AGM held in stadium. Controversies, not so ethical business practices exposed by the Newspaper's star reporter Madhavan who marries Vidhya Balan (in a wheel chair she is throughout the movie ! sigh ! sigh !), the granddaughter of the communist newspaper owner. A final sequence of cases against Guru and a sensational monlogue get the story.

Now for the movie itself...vintage Maniratnam. Excellent characterisation and casting. Brilliant cinematography by Rajiv Menon, nice music by AR Rehman and you have a great movie by Maniratnam. Not quite. The first half is engaging and inspiring. The 2nd half is where the movie starts loosing you in trying be overtly dramatic. The ending is a case in point and quite a let down.

The movie on the whole is worth watching. The scene of Guru and his wife in bed and they start playfully hitting each other is typical Maniratnam, who captures sensuality in very subtle yet appeasing way. (remember Arvind Swamy touching the water droplets on Madhoo's skin when she comes out after her bath in Roja ? that's sensuality on screen without vulgarity for you, which is far more challenging to depict !)

Well, I wasn't complete;y satisfied with the movie but it did have its moments and if you have an entrepreneurial streak in you, this movie is bound to inspire you.


Alpesh Nakar February 18, 2007 at 1:32 AM  

Yep! I loved this movie. However this movie by itself does not justify the complete story of the 'real person'Should have been divided in couple of parts.


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