Miami Vice

Michael Mann turns out another slick crime story of cops and robbers, which just falls short of his usual talents after seeing his work in 'Heat' and 'The Insider'.

The movie is based on the very successful 80's show 'Miami Vice' and attempts to show the cool style of crime solving done by two Miami cops- Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx). They are roped to bring down a drug distributor- Jose Yero running drugs into Miami by going undercover as drug runners and stumble onto a bigger operation controlled by Arcangel De Jesus Montoya.

Their personal lives get intertwined with their undercover lives and comes to a boiling climax. That's when the let down starts.

The movie is stylish and slick keeping in line with the Michael Mann school of film making. But then, as is the bane with a lot of slick movies, the style overshadows the substance (Really love Colin Farrell's styling though). The story and characterization could have done with a little more attention and made this a truly great cops and robbers movie. I must say I haven't had the privilige of watching the TV show although I did read a post-TV series reproduction, book of Miami Vice.

The movie also stars Li Gong as Isabella, the Drug lord's businesswoman who causes the personal 'issue' for Sonny Crockett and Luis Tosar as Montoya with a whole ensemble of actors playing an assortment of cops and Aryan Brotherhood Hoodlums.

The best part of the movie- The styling and slick shooting. No loss if you have missed this one.


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