Heroes- New TV Show

I was completely unaware of this show till one of my friends told me about it. Allegedly this show has become quite the rage in the US where it is presented by NBC. Got to catch a rerun on Sunday and was pleasantly drawn into the tale. Who does'nt enjoy comic books ? Imagine them brought to life.

A tale of ordinary human beings with extraordinary powers, powers they are yet to understand. A tale of Heroes. Created by NBC's Tim Kring the show has an ensemble that is bound to create a stir.

Well...there's an Indian too in the cast. Sendhil Ramamurthy playing Suresh believes his father's murder was more than a simple murder and uncovers hidden files on a thumb drive which shows research on genes. Research that goes to prove...hold your breath... that there are people with super powers living among us. A depressed youngster tries committing suicide walking off the top of a buildingand tries to convince his brother that his brother flew to save him.

A stripper with her son on the run, because she realizes she has another identity visible in the mirror and there's lots of blood and bodies around. A cheerleader finds out she just cannot be burnt, broken or otherwise destroyed.

An artist who can paint the future in his drug induced moments. In Japan, a young man teleports himself into New York and finds a comic book about himself and goes to the artist's house to find him dead with his brain missing.

A policeman who can read minds and hear thoughts is arrested on suspicion of being a desperately sought serial killer-Silas

Who are they all ? What does this all mean ? Well.... I hope to find out. By watching it every week. 9 PM IST Wednesdays on Star World.


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