10 things I Like about Bollywood

Tried to really really think as to why I like Bollywood or 'Hindi Cinema'. Have shortlisted a few.

1. It isn't real.

-Come on, if I only wanted reality I would step out of my home and go round the city, why would I go into a theatre.

2. I get to learn dancing

-Movie after movie (except the Ram Gopal Varma ones) you get a lesson in dancing every 20 minutes at least.

3. Women are always beautiful.

-Thanks to Hindi cinema you start believing that all women are beautiful with great bodies and great fitting clothes. You start believing that all of them are out looking for love and only true love, with bank balance, job, car, house not making an iota of difference.

4. You can marry a queen.

-You could be a hoodlum where the richest young lady of town stays or you could be a dishwasher in the posh restaurant owned by the richest young lady's dad, but if you have excellent looks, well toned muscled body and can sing well, you can still marry her and live happily ever after. Of course you might still have a few fist fights or two after which her Dad has a change of heart.

5. The old cliche, you will never run out of bullets

-while shooting the henchmen but when you have to put a bullet into the main baddy, the last bullet will be lying at the feet of the heroine, who will have to kick it to you while ensuring her dress does not rise above permissible levels.

6. You will have a taste of great lifestyle (thanks to Karan Johar)

-Where you don't have to worry about taxes, business meeting, business delivery, paying phone bills, electricity bill etc etc.

7. You have RGV

-Thanks to RGV, you get to watch some different cinema once in while . Whether it is a great movie or it is crap, there's always something different about what Ram Gopal Varma makes.

8. You have Maniratnam, Anurag Kashyap, Naseeruddin Shah

-and others who make it worth while to claim that some intelligence goes into Hindi cinema

9. Film Critics

-You have excellent film critics who come on TV before the movie and give detailed angles, underlying meanings that the director never thought of and will tell you what you will like. Once the movie releases they are nowhere around except if the movie does well, then they tell you why it is doing well, as if you didn't know why ? It is a good movie so it did well. And then the critics who tell you a movie is doing well even though it is crap, maybe they wouldn't get free tickets the next time if they admit to the truth. Then you have bloggers like me, who think Hollywood cinema is usually more rational, professional and sensible, because we don't get to see the crap they churn out.

10. Amitabh Bachchan & Shahrukh Khan

-and others, the STARS who make sure movies are made and recognized so that actual actors like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Irfan Khan, Kay Kay Menon etc (and the list goes on), get to act.


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