Dreamgirls- A dreamy journey

The Oscars this year were expected to be overrun by the Dreamgirls. Since the Oscars are over and I am watching this movie after,I tried watching it with no bias in mind. Frankly, I could see why this movie was expected to be a big front runner.

The movie is the story of three girls who enter amateur talent contests hoping to get their big break in music industry.The three girls with 'Dreams' being Deena (Beyonce Knowles),Effie White (Jennifer Hudson in her introductory role which earned her a well deserved Oscar) and Lorrell (Nonika). They come across Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx), a used car dealer with interests in the music industry who gives them a break as backup singers to the James Thunder Early (Eddie Murphy, in one of his best performances ever) and thus set off to achieve their dreams...or do they ?

The performances are wonderful. The movie felt a bit too long but I guess it can be forgiven for a musical it is and the music and lyrics are refreshing and really get you singing along. Jamie Foxx as the used car dealer who goes on to become music mogul is wonderfully controlled, thanks to efficient direction. Eddie Murphy puts in a delicious performance as the music star who ends up in decline. Beyonce looks just so pretty and really fits the part. Jennifer Hudson shows the kind of intensity and maturity that is found wanting in many an established actress. What stopped the movie from being really great is probably the fact that the movie is trying to be a cross between a musical and in some way trying to be autobiographical (possibly of the characters- Curtis and Effie). Unlike 'Chicago' (an unfair comparison I know!) which just told a tale this movie dwindles a little too much on parallel streams of emotions that we are led to believe have consequence on the overall tale but find the emotional stream of Effie-Curtis shallow and are not really affected by it.

The movie is definitely worth a watch though since it is slickly made with great performances, good music, good direction and tight screenplay.

A must watch for any musical fan.


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