Nishabd (Speechless?)

Did the movie leave me speechless ? Well... considering that I have a favourable view towards any of Ram Gopal Varma's films, I wouldn't be the right person to answer that question. But yes, speechless I was.

Speechless because I was wondering how Ramu would helm a relationship based drama, Speechless because of the territory explored (and I mean the relationships), Speechless because I expected a hard hitting ending and was let down, Speechless because Ramu could have done better !

The movie, as the promos say (some love stories are never to be understood) is the story of a relationship between a 60 year old man (Amitabh obviously) and 18 year young Jia (Jiah Khan introduced). In the circle of impact are Revthay as the dutiful wife, Shradha Arya as the daughter (whose friend is Jia), Nasir as the friend and brother-in-law. Ramu being the smart director does a purposeful exposure of Jia's long legs with a multitude of below the waist shots in the first half which is the period of seduction and completely avoids it in the second half when the relationship has been established.

What's interesting, is that during the entire movie other than Amitabh, Revathy, Jia, Shradha, Nasir, a cameo by Aftab (is he back in the RGV camp now ?) and a shopkeeper there are no other speaking characters ! Amazing huh ? Another fact- Throughout the first half of the movie, Jiah Khan has her legs splayed all over the place and never once does she sit lady like with legs crossed. That piece of characterisation is a bit overboard I thought. Come on, are 18 year olds just oozing sexulaity (commonly misplaced for sensuality) all over ?

The movie is slow paced which might turn a few people off and it might seem silly to some. My presumption- Ramu wanted to explore the unexplored and almost succeeds. He possibly wanted the audience to gradually be seduced by the young and nubile Jia just as the character Vijay (Amitabh)is.

Is the movie different ? yes, it is. Amitabh does a great job. I especially loved the scene whee he breaks into laughter in the middle of the night perplexing his wife.The others do well too. Jiah Khan will sure be talked about till her next performance. And will I watch this movie again ? Hmmmm.... maybe after a couple of months, just to study Ramu's style. To be fair, yes some relationships are never meant to be understood and the relationship that the audience will have with this movie will never be understood !


Bikas Mishra,  March 6, 2007 at 9:01 PM  

nice observations ved, but somehow the film didn't work with me...rethinking if the movie was actually that bad...

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