Nishabd- UP Congress Party wants a ban ?

The Uttar Pradesh faction of the Congress Party (a so called secular political party in India) is allegedly calling for a ban on Nishabd. CNN IBN carries the story. You can read more about it on IBN live.

Absolutely shocking ! The reason given - Indian Culture . crap ! What do politicians know about Indian Culture. Those who are bothered only about vote banks and who have numerous scandals and skeletons in their closets are by no means fair judges of art, cinema or culture.
I thoroughly detest political interference in Cinema. As a viewer it is my right to watch a movie and my privilege to like it or dislike it. This is my freedom. This is my right as a citizen of a democratic country where I vote and pay taxes and abide by the laws while living in a civil society. For sure I will never vote for the Congress ever.

Political parties take events and try to make issues of out of them only for political mileage due to a severe lack of maturity and myopia towards more critical issues like education, infrastructure , Law & Order and development. The silence and resilience of us Indians is being misunderstood for mute acceptance. The day the threshold of the common man's patience (due to the need for existence and survival and carrying out responsibilities) is breached the common man shall rise in protest and rip the curtains off the shoddy state of affairs of our prehistoric politicians.

Yo politicos, do not interfere with the freedom of expression and the freedom of choice ! Leave Cinema alone!


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