Thank you for Smoking

Caught this on on DVD, thanks to my online movie rental service from seventymm (in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi).
The movie is a satirical comedy on the 'business' of smoking. The movie does not make the mistake of trying to delve into the larger picture about the morality of smoking and all of that. Instead the movie takes you along with Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) the king of spin, employed by the Tobacco Industry's conglomeration to do what he does best, spin stories, be the spokesperson.

Nick Naylor is very good at what he does, with absolutely no hesitation. But then, Nick is also a father to a 12 year old son, to whom he has to be a role model. Now how will you be a role model at home, while on national television you are propagating smoking and rubbishing all claims of cigarettes being addictive and causing cancer ? That's where the satire and comedy comes in. What will you do, if, as the spokesperson for the Tobacco industry your are told (after a kidnapping) that the next cigarette you smoke will be your last

The movie has some hilarious instances such as the 'Merchants of Death' meeting (Mario Bello, David Koechner spokespersons for the Alcohol and Firearms industry respectively), the smart way in which he convinces the Marlboro Man to clam about his cancer, his sexual fling with the reporter (Katie Holmes in her pre-Tom Cruise days) his Merchants of Death pals have warned about.

The DVD is a good weekend watch, light and not preaching too much, but enjoyable.


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