No Namastey to London

Bad wine in very old bottle

Have you ever had really bad wine ? Do you remember the last time that you ate some exotic looking food which left largely a sour and pukish taste in your mouth but in between those morsels you get those wee bits of taste ? That's exactly how the movie Namastey London turns out to be.
Made by Vipul Shah, starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Rishi Kapoor and Upen Patel, the movie was much hyped and seeped in controversy since the so-called upcoming actor Upen Patel went all around town saying Vipul had given him the short end of the stick ignoring him in all the trailers etc. No loss actually Upen, is what I say. No loss to you and more importantly no loss to the audience.

The tale is supposed to be of brattish NRI girl (Katrina), her very Indian Dad (Rishi kapoor) and the funjabi (Punjabi) lad (Akshay Kumar) who is married to her in India at the instance of her father, but later ignored in London at the suggestion of her friend (Upen) who is on his way to marrying a phirang girl and possibly changing his Islamic name to an anglicised version ! Well.... now you know why I said bad wine in old bottle. If the movie was good I would have said old wine in old bottle, but then....the movie disappoints.

The Punjabi lad believes true love will return his bride to him even if he has to lead her to the altar to marry a phirangi boy, who is marrying for the 3rd time. Will true love prevail ? That's the big question which is supposed to hold you till the climax. Sadly, when the journey is so wasted who is bothered about the climax.

Katrina Kaif is very attractive and absolutely wooden like a post box in an apartment complex. Akshay Kumar doesn't have much to do except grin and act like the doleful Indian lad who is in love with the NRI girl and rant about the greatness of India to some very shoddy looking extras pretending to be the stiff upper lip left-behind-from-the colonial-days Brits. Rishi Kapoor is extremely natural as an actor and tries desperately to rise above the mish-mash that this movie is. Upen Patel should give up acting and save all of us audience a lot of pain. Let him stay as a model, we wouldn't care, but an actor he will never be. Himesh Reshammiya directs the music and except for the title track and one punjabi number, fails to impress.

The movie turns out to be a bad dream except for those few instances where it seems you have pinched yourself awake and then you go back into the bad dream till the movie ends and the lights come on.


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