The Pursuit of Happyness

Truly inspiring, touching and unreal !

Although based on a true life story it almost reads like fiction. Will Smith is a failing salesman trying to sell a whole bunch of bone density scanning machines which nobody wants to buy. He has a son he absolutely adores and will do anything for and a wife who tired of his failures leaves him.

What does the father do but works hard to get into a stockbroking firm and on the way losing and finding his machines which he tries to sell to make some money so that they can live, loose his shoe, is locked up in jail for non-payment of parking tickets and glibly lies his way to get a few deals going.

While these few lines may give you quite a discouraging picture, thinking the movie is about losers who remain losers (as Bikram put it on his blog Dear Cinema), I would differ since the movie might seem to be about losers who remain losers till the end but the movie really is about winning, about love, faith and effort. The movie takes you through in an autobiographical manner through different phases in the life of Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and his son Christopher (Jaden Smith, Yes, Will Smith's real life son).

The movie is well made since it really emotes the loss and desperation felt by the protagonist in all those moments of loss and all those moments of happyness. Will Smith turns in an Oscar nomination deserving performance as Chris Gardner (who ultimately went on to establish and later sell a multi-million dollar stockbroking firm).Thandie Newton as the wife Linda is effective. Jaden Smith as Christopher is very natural, seems extremely comfortable with the camera and turns in a very adorable performance.

In all the movie is worth a watch at least once for all those who have to work for a living !


Anonymous,  May 1, 2007 at 3:04 AM  

I thought the movie was based on a true story...

Ved May 1, 2007 at 5:40 AM  

Yes. The movie is based on true story with a lot of creative liberties taken to make the story suitable for cinema viewing.

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