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Life in a Metro

Watched this peice of brilliance within its first 3 days of release. I havea a lot of good things to say about this movie.


Bheja Fry (Fried brains served, extra spicy)

Bheja Fry !

I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a movie. I got to watch this movie long after most movie goers saw it.

The movie is absolutely brilliant because it entertains and gives you quite a few laughs without being contrived and pretentious. Directed by Sagar Bellary, starring Vinay Phatak (as the main character Bharat Bhushan, a disciple of Naushad), Rajat Kapoor (as Ranjeet Thadani who has marital issues and disregard for well meaning, good hearted non-talented singers, but undergoes a change by the end of the movie or does he ?), Sarika (Sheetal Thadani), Milind Soman (Anant Ghoshal), Bhairavi Goswami (Suman Rao, the nymphomaniac), Toma Alter (Dr. Sheperd), Ranvir Shorey (Asif Merchant), Harsh Chaya and others, this movie is hilarious in its simplicity and honesty.

The movie rises head & shoulders above any of the recent so called comic capers from Bollywood primarily due to the direction, the simple and honest script, brilliant dialogues and some brilliant performances particularly by Vinay Phatak, Ranvir Shorey and Rajat Kapoor.

I believe the movie was made in a budget of INR 50 lakhs. Just goes to show budgets or lack of them cannot stop a good idea, good story and good work from shining through. Maybe our so called 'film makers' with large budgets at their disposal will learn a lesson or two and give talent like Sagar Bellary, Vinay Phatak, Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor the platforms they deserve.


New Series-Watching now: Criminal Minds

Latest series that I am catching up on DVD. The series is about a special Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI who track down criminals by thinking like them.

Having watched 1 episode and having 2 whole DVDs from season 1 to watch, it seems stimulating and reminds me of 'X-Files' in a 'Numbers' fashion (the show produced by Ridley Scott).

By the way I am catching up on the whole 9 seasons of X-Files too. Reached the 5th season. Will have to make time to get back to it soon.


Deja Vu

Watched this movie on DVD.

The movie, directed by Tony Scott (Domino, Man on Fire, Enemy of the State) stars Denzel Washington as Doug Catlin an agent with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Bureau) who is investigating a bomb blast that kills over 500 people on a ferry in New Orleans.

Pulled in on a special team with the FBI headed by Agent Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) which has access to technology that looks into the past and which is able to send Doug into the past to save Claire (Paula Patton) and capture the bomber (Jim Cavaziel), stop the bombing.

Changing the past means setting off the series of events on an alternate path to the future. So can going back into the past change the future and save lives ?

The movie is nice but not great since somehow the tale is predictable, thanks to all the going back in time movies we have been exposed to, starting from Timecop with Van Damm. Val Kilmer has more of a cameo role but puts in a controlled performance. Paula Patton looks nice and puts in a good performance.

Coming to Denzel, who is rated among the best of actors, whom I like too, but always have this feeling in the back of my head that he overacts. That feelings continues to remain even after watching this DVD. Whats good about the movie is the pace of the movie. Its quick and does not waste time and does not try to explain every little thing to you.



The movie is absolutely senseless, gross but absolutely HILARIOUS ! Leave your brains behind because when you watch this movie you will laugh with your heart in it.

The movie is co-written and directed by Jay Chandrashekar from Broken Lizard who gave us Dukes of Hazzard, Super Troopers, Club Dread and many others.
When it is a Jay Chandrshekar movie you should know what to expect. Goofy jokes, gross visuals, physical comedy with sexual undertones, some nudity and all in all good male fun !

Beerfest is the tale of two brothers who prepare for the annual beerfest contest in Germany to regain their family honour, retain the secret beer recipe and inherit what they believe is rightfully theirs- a beer factory in Germany. But then this is easier said then done as no one can beat the Germans at beer drinking. They put together a team of Americans including Jay as Barry Badrinath, an expert bar coin tosser turned gay hooker.

As expected the training sessions, the spies, the opposition, the bits of comedy are so hilarious. The movie will never be considered a good movie but then what the hell, the movie does not pretend to be a sensible one and gives you entertainment along with subtle messaging of not giving up etc, which is what cinema is pretty much about.


Spiderman 3

Possibly, one of the most eagerly awaited sequels. The spiderman sequel is allegedly the last of the series.

The movie brings in a host of new characters like the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and an alien dark entity. The good old characters J K simmons are all there. This sequel tries to focus on the human side of spidey showing him as one with emotion and feelings and not just the 'perfect' superhero.

Bollywood movie goers will relate to this movie a lot due to the huge overdose of emotional undertones that run throughout the movie. The father trying to rob a bank to get money for his dying daughter's operation, the young hero trying to woo the girl of his life, a broken male friendship rekindled in the time of need etc.

I thought this movie was the worst of the series.The movie seems to have lost focus on what is to be achieved or conveyed. It appears to be more a series of scenes put together to form the story. The dark side of spidey brought to the fore by the strange alien being which takes over his suit is very unimaginative and boring. The dark suit does not look cool at all. Although one of the best scenes that I liked in the movie is the one where the dark suited spidey sees his original self in the reflection on the glass of a building he is hanging upside down from.

While Bryce Dallas Howard(remember the lady from The lady in the Water) does look good in the movie, Kirsten Dunst looks herself and Tobey Mcguire tries to be the human sopidey the movie does not hold you nor does it amaze you except for the special effects. J Jonah Jameson (J K Simmons) is always my favourite and continues to deliver a stunning performance once more.

All in all it is as if the story is from an imitation comic book.


The worst movie I watched (or did not) in recent times

Were you able to guess this one ?

Well.... the answer is RED. A movie in Hindi by Vikram Bhatt and starring Aftab Shivadasani and Celina Jaitely. The movie was so bad that I watched the first CD which I fast forwarded through and then just couldn't watch the 2nd half of the movie. If somebody who has watched this movie tells me what it was all about I would be eternally grateful

The movie appeared to have no sensible plot, script or story. If Celina and her bod was supposed to be the main attraction, the attraction does not last long.
The movie appears so contrived and silly that you often wonder don't people realise it when they watch the finished product themselves. Himesh Reshammiya's music doesn't do much for this movie either.


Horror Bonanza

As I had warned, I am going to tell you about a few so-called horror movies I watched. While this sentence might make you believe I am scoffing at these films, let me assure you I am not. I enjoy horror movies and even enjoy these so-called horror movies (because they usually have at least one good looking actress in them !)

I caught this movie on DVD since it is a 2005 release. Directed by Bruce Hunt and starring Cole Hauser, Eddie Cibrian, Morris Chestunt, Piper Perabo (one cute looking not seen often actress), Daniel Dae Kim and Lena Headey the movie attempts to take you on a trip into the subterranean caves where horror lurks.
The tag line of the movie goes -There are places man was never meant to go.

I would reinterpret this as there are movies man is not meant to watch. This is one movie I would put in that category.
Consider this- Cole Hauser and his team of underwater exploration specialists are called in to explore a series of underwater caves which have been discovered and come across a new species who are nothing but a group of men who were infected by some virus when they are trapped in these caves on a treasure hunt ages ago.
The explorers are then hunted down one by one. Will anyone survive ? Well.... who cares. The characters have no depth and the attempt to show a sub-level of attitude between the characters falls flat like a pancake from a multi-storey building.


Another teen horror movie. Directed by Jim Gillespie and having a host of teen looking actresses like Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, and others the movie is about an ancient terror that has been awakened due to a voodoo lady digging up a suitcase full of ancient snakes who escape in a car accident biting a weird, hulking truck driver who then hunts down a group of youngsters one after another.

Isn't it so cliche ? Well.. it is. And haven't you always wondered why is it in horror movies the creature is always hulking and large, always comes in the dark and how lightning always flashes when such creatures appear ?

Well..this movie keeps appearing on HBO once in a while so you can catch it and if you don't, no great loss, watch the DVD of The Ring again.

Dark Water

This Season, The Mystery Of The Darkness Will Consume Your Life

I had great expectations on this one. Written by the writers of The Ring, starring Jennifer Connelly and John C Reilly along with Dougray Scott, Tim Roth host of others and the very cute Ariel Gade (as Ceci daughter of Jennifer in the movie).
The tale is of Dahlia and her daughter who move into a run down not-in-so-great-shape apartment block on an island near Manhattan, after a bitter child custody battle. Their struggle to live a life is plagued by mysterious occurrences in the apartment and by ghostly appearances of the former residents especially a little girl of the apartment above, which along with the presence of dark coloured water everywhere adds to the dark and gloomy ambiance of the tale.
The movie is what I would call a so-so movie. Doesn't send the shivers down your spine that The Ring did, but is decent enough to watch on a Sunday afternoon


The Reaping

Thousands of years ago there was a series of bizarre occurrences that many believed to have been the Ten Biblical Plagues. No one thought they could happen again. Until now

Well..I have mixed feelings about this movie. I like the movie because: 1. It has Hilary Swank in it 2. It is about biblical interpretation 3.It has Hilary Swank in it

But then, this movie by Stephen Hopkins, co-starring David Morrissey (As Doug, the small town science schoolteacher) and Ann Sophia Robb (as Loren McConnell, the girl at the eye of the storm), about the recurrence of biblical events such as the 10 plagues and the non-believer Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank) who is an investigator of the paranormal. Katherine believes there's always a scientific explanation to every so-called 'miracle' or supernatural event.

She gets called in by Doug to visit a small town where strange incidents have been occurring like a whole river turning Red with Blood. A little girl from a family that has more less been ostracised is being blamed for this event, whose brother died a horrific death. Are the events happening in this town biblical or are they man made for gain ? Are these events going to re-instill the faith in Katherine ? What are the skeletons in Katherine's past that shook her faith ? How are the towns folk involved in it all ? The answers to these questions and more unfold while the life of the little girl hangs in balance (or does it ?)

The movie starts off interestingly and has wonderful special effects but in the end , the movie does not grip you with either faith or disbelief. That's where this movie would fail. A movie like this has to either strengthen your faith or strengthen your disbelief in the power of god. Basically you have to come away with something.

Unfortunately, the movie does neither and while I have a bias in favour of this movie because of the 3 reasons specified at the beginning of this post, I wouldn't recommend it to your personal movie collection and you are unlikely to find it mine either !


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Coming soon on this blog .

The worst movie I saw in recent times ! (Can you guess which one. Clues: It's in hindi and is colourful)


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