The movie is absolutely senseless, gross but absolutely HILARIOUS ! Leave your brains behind because when you watch this movie you will laugh with your heart in it.

The movie is co-written and directed by Jay Chandrashekar from Broken Lizard who gave us Dukes of Hazzard, Super Troopers, Club Dread and many others.
When it is a Jay Chandrshekar movie you should know what to expect. Goofy jokes, gross visuals, physical comedy with sexual undertones, some nudity and all in all good male fun !

Beerfest is the tale of two brothers who prepare for the annual beerfest contest in Germany to regain their family honour, retain the secret beer recipe and inherit what they believe is rightfully theirs- a beer factory in Germany. But then this is easier said then done as no one can beat the Germans at beer drinking. They put together a team of Americans including Jay as Barry Badrinath, an expert bar coin tosser turned gay hooker.

As expected the training sessions, the spies, the opposition, the bits of comedy are so hilarious. The movie will never be considered a good movie but then what the hell, the movie does not pretend to be a sensible one and gives you entertainment along with subtle messaging of not giving up etc, which is what cinema is pretty much about.


Anonymous,  May 27, 2007 at 10:41 PM  

Very true Ved. I think this is the kind of a movie for which you could park your brain somewhere and just roll over with laughter for every piece of action/dialogue. Must say that the director and actors are providing complete entertainment and u neednt think at all to watch such movies....

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