Bheja Fry (Fried brains served, extra spicy)

Bheja Fry !

I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a movie. I got to watch this movie long after most movie goers saw it.

The movie is absolutely brilliant because it entertains and gives you quite a few laughs without being contrived and pretentious. Directed by Sagar Bellary, starring Vinay Phatak (as the main character Bharat Bhushan, a disciple of Naushad), Rajat Kapoor (as Ranjeet Thadani who has marital issues and disregard for well meaning, good hearted non-talented singers, but undergoes a change by the end of the movie or does he ?), Sarika (Sheetal Thadani), Milind Soman (Anant Ghoshal), Bhairavi Goswami (Suman Rao, the nymphomaniac), Toma Alter (Dr. Sheperd), Ranvir Shorey (Asif Merchant), Harsh Chaya and others, this movie is hilarious in its simplicity and honesty.

The movie rises head & shoulders above any of the recent so called comic capers from Bollywood primarily due to the direction, the simple and honest script, brilliant dialogues and some brilliant performances particularly by Vinay Phatak, Ranvir Shorey and Rajat Kapoor.

I believe the movie was made in a budget of INR 50 lakhs. Just goes to show budgets or lack of them cannot stop a good idea, good story and good work from shining through. Maybe our so called 'film makers' with large budgets at their disposal will learn a lesson or two and give talent like Sagar Bellary, Vinay Phatak, Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor the platforms they deserve.


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