Horror Bonanza

As I had warned, I am going to tell you about a few so-called horror movies I watched. While this sentence might make you believe I am scoffing at these films, let me assure you I am not. I enjoy horror movies and even enjoy these so-called horror movies (because they usually have at least one good looking actress in them !)

I caught this movie on DVD since it is a 2005 release. Directed by Bruce Hunt and starring Cole Hauser, Eddie Cibrian, Morris Chestunt, Piper Perabo (one cute looking not seen often actress), Daniel Dae Kim and Lena Headey the movie attempts to take you on a trip into the subterranean caves where horror lurks.
The tag line of the movie goes -There are places man was never meant to go.

I would reinterpret this as there are movies man is not meant to watch. This is one movie I would put in that category.
Consider this- Cole Hauser and his team of underwater exploration specialists are called in to explore a series of underwater caves which have been discovered and come across a new species who are nothing but a group of men who were infected by some virus when they are trapped in these caves on a treasure hunt ages ago.
The explorers are then hunted down one by one. Will anyone survive ? Well.... who cares. The characters have no depth and the attempt to show a sub-level of attitude between the characters falls flat like a pancake from a multi-storey building.


Another teen horror movie. Directed by Jim Gillespie and having a host of teen looking actresses like Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, and others the movie is about an ancient terror that has been awakened due to a voodoo lady digging up a suitcase full of ancient snakes who escape in a car accident biting a weird, hulking truck driver who then hunts down a group of youngsters one after another.

Isn't it so cliche ? Well.. it is. And haven't you always wondered why is it in horror movies the creature is always hulking and large, always comes in the dark and how lightning always flashes when such creatures appear ?

Well..this movie keeps appearing on HBO once in a while so you can catch it and if you don't, no great loss, watch the DVD of The Ring again.

Dark Water

This Season, The Mystery Of The Darkness Will Consume Your Life

I had great expectations on this one. Written by the writers of The Ring, starring Jennifer Connelly and John C Reilly along with Dougray Scott, Tim Roth host of others and the very cute Ariel Gade (as Ceci daughter of Jennifer in the movie).
The tale is of Dahlia and her daughter who move into a run down not-in-so-great-shape apartment block on an island near Manhattan, after a bitter child custody battle. Their struggle to live a life is plagued by mysterious occurrences in the apartment and by ghostly appearances of the former residents especially a little girl of the apartment above, which along with the presence of dark coloured water everywhere adds to the dark and gloomy ambiance of the tale.
The movie is what I would call a so-so movie. Doesn't send the shivers down your spine that The Ring did, but is decent enough to watch on a Sunday afternoon


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