Spiderman 3

Possibly, one of the most eagerly awaited sequels. The spiderman sequel is allegedly the last of the series.

The movie brings in a host of new characters like the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and an alien dark entity. The good old characters J K simmons are all there. This sequel tries to focus on the human side of spidey showing him as one with emotion and feelings and not just the 'perfect' superhero.

Bollywood movie goers will relate to this movie a lot due to the huge overdose of emotional undertones that run throughout the movie. The father trying to rob a bank to get money for his dying daughter's operation, the young hero trying to woo the girl of his life, a broken male friendship rekindled in the time of need etc.

I thought this movie was the worst of the series.The movie seems to have lost focus on what is to be achieved or conveyed. It appears to be more a series of scenes put together to form the story. The dark side of spidey brought to the fore by the strange alien being which takes over his suit is very unimaginative and boring. The dark suit does not look cool at all. Although one of the best scenes that I liked in the movie is the one where the dark suited spidey sees his original self in the reflection on the glass of a building he is hanging upside down from.

While Bryce Dallas Howard(remember the lady from The lady in the Water) does look good in the movie, Kirsten Dunst looks herself and Tobey Mcguire tries to be the human sopidey the movie does not hold you nor does it amaze you except for the special effects. J Jonah Jameson (J K Simmons) is always my favourite and continues to deliver a stunning performance once more.

All in all it is as if the story is from an imitation comic book.


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