Life in a Metro

Easily the best film to hit the bollywood screens since Rang De Basanti, Omkara and Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Anurag Basu has come a long way from Murder and has risen to a level that few Indian film makers exist on.

The movie is well thought of and well made with immense balance between characterization and storyline.The movie has a huge star cast but Anurga just manages to pull it off with deft direction, tight screenplay with excellent performances by almost all of the star cast.

The story like the title says is about life in a metro. The story focuses on the lives of a few individuals whose lives are intertwined even if they do not know it. There is Rahul (Sharman Joshi) working in a call center and choosing a not so straight path to success, of lending the keys to his uncle's flat he stays in to superiors to execute their office affairs. The part where Rahul has to give the keys to his boss Ranjeet (Kay kay Menon) and all the other people who are booked to use the flat reschedule their trysts is hilarious.

Rahul is in love with Neha (Kangana Ranaut) who work in his call center. What Rahul does not realise is that the keys given to his Boss Ranjeet are for Ranjeet's tryst with Neha. Neha is the roommate of Shruti (Kokana Sen Sharma), whose sister Shikha (Shilpa Shetty) is Ranjeet's wife.
Ranjeet's extra marital affair takes its toll on the marriage and Shikha who is romanticised by her dance teacher Shivani's (Nafisa Ali) senior age romance with Amol (Dharmendra). Shikha is drawn to a theatre artist Akaash (Shiney Ahuja).

Shikha's sister Shruti (Konkona) is worried she's the only virgin in Mumbai over the age of 30 and is looking at all means of finding a soul mate. She meets Monty (Irfan Khan) a honest, tactless man who is looking to get married and have the conjugal bliss so far eluding him and rejects him at a 'first meeting' but later gets a job in his company on his recommendation. What changes will happen in the lives of these individuals ? What paths will their relationships take ? Will Rahul ever express his love for Neha and will he get ahead in his ambitions and fulfill his dreams ? Will Ranjeet and Shikha keep their marriage ? Will Amol and Nafisa come together after decades of separation ? Will Shikha and Akaash get together? Will Shruti and Monty find their soul mates ? How do these lives intertwined with each other deeply twist and turn the lives of each other and the outcome of each relationship ?

All these and more are answered beautifully in this gem of a movie. The music is breathtakingly wonderful by Pritam and The Metro Band. With heavy rock influences in the songs Anurag has introduced a new style of music in hindi cinema with the dialogues fading out and the songs taking over. The Metro band then appears on screen to take the song and the story forward. This does get a trifle irritating after a while and is possible the only fault in this movie.

Irfan Khan and Kokona rule the movie with their spontaneous acting and give the movie its humorous track and a warm feeling to the viewer. Shilpa Shetty puts in mature performance. Kay Kay Menon cannot do wrong now a days and portrays the male chauvinist, philandering husband to the P. Dharmedra tries to ooze his old days charm and manages to keep it up for the moments he is on screen along with the elegant Nafisa Ali. Shiney Ahuja is again becoming a seasoned actor in sensitive roles and portrays the struggling drama artiste waiting to go abroad with a maturity and understanding that is difficult to see in the new breed of actors.

Sharman Joshi really impresses with his variety of emotions and expressions and is bound to go a long way if he has a talented director at the helm. I usually find Kangana Ranaut irritating due to her squeaky shrill voice and plastic doll like appearance but in this movie with her straight hair looks and actually a 'performance' I am mighty impressed.

Anurag Basu is surely going to go a long way with many great films to his name if he continues this way. The way each scene is composed, the lighting, the background is so very integral to the movie as if they play a role too. The scene where Shilpa is with Shiney in a dingy room with only the lights of neon signs shining in and their attraction is running high is beautiful and handled extremely sensitively.

All in all, I cannot stop going on about this movie. WATCH IT ! A great adult movie in its content and mature in context !


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