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Also watched: Carandiru

Also watched Carandiru from the land of the City of God. Yup, another Brazilian Movie.

Directed by Hector Babenco, the movie is told from the point of view of a doctor who newly takes charge to prevent the spread of AIDS at a prison named Carandiru. The movie is allegedly based on real life events and takes you into the lives of the prisoners in Carandiru.

While the movie did remind me of Oz, one of my favourite prison dramas, this movie had more grime and realism to it which is what grips you although you have to follow the sub-titles. The movie showcases the degrading conditions of life in the prison which was continuously being taken over and ruled by the prisoners who maintained their own law & order within the walls while the police maintained the walls.

The degrading conditions and the complexities of life within the walls sparks off an incident which leads to a climax that can only be described as a massacre. The tale has its sub plots and story lines dealing with relationships, between prisoners, between the prisoners and their families. A lot of these stories are told in flashback mode as the prisoners recount their tales and lives to the doctor.

The actors, mostly unknown ( to me, at least) except for a face or two who have played latin roles in hollywood flicks, put in an honest performance and that makes a huge difference in this film.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I would say the movie was different. The makers somehow kept it personal and non voyeuristic and yet managed to draw you into the prison. Can be watched if you get a hold of the DVD. Available at Habitat in Bangalore though.


Amores Perros

Unfortunately, I got to watch this gem of a movie after watching Babel. For the very few uninformed Babel was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who also made this piece of beauty called Amores Perros or Love's a Bitch. Yup, Alejandro is involved with 21 Grams as well.

Unfortunate because Babel exposed me to Alejandro's sensitivity to characters and non-linear storytelling format, thus dulling my senses to the true impact of Amores.

Still this movie amazed me, amazed me at its simplicity, amazed me at its abundance of talent, amazed me at the screenplay, amazed me at the attention and spacing given to the background score, amazed me that movies like these are made and till the director becomes famous, we find it difficult to get hold of. I wonder how many gems we miss because they are not big budget Hollywood releases.I must confess, I have never gone after foreign cinema or world cinema for various reasons but thanks to a friend of mine who took me to a video library which has this awesome collection of DVDs I got to watch this one.

Amores Perros written by Gullermo Arriaga is a congregation of tales, all interconnected by a horrific car accident (a tingle of 'Crash' ? well, this was made long before Crash so...). There is Octavio (Gael Garcia, who also appears in Babel) who is drawn into the underbelly of the dog fighting business with his dog Cofi, all because of his love for his sister-in-law Susana (Vanessa Bauche). There is Daniel (Alvano Guerro) & Valeria(Goya Toledo) in love with each other, with Daniel having left his wife and children to live with Valeria, a supermodel. There is Ramiro (Marco perez), Octavio's brother and Susana's husband who has no consideration for Susana or the family and is only looking to hit a bank and make money. Then there is El Chivo (Emilio Echevarria), the homeless man with a lot of dogs who is also an ex-guerrilla and a hitman for hire with his own hidden love for a daughter who doesn't know he exists.

All these relationships come together and get connected with a car crash and then begins a peep into the lives of these people, people who could exist anywhere, ordinary people with love, betrayal and emotions.

There lies the beauty of this movie. The tale tells no story with a learning nor does it preach, all it makes you experience is a feeling. A feeling of love, a feeling of desperation, a feeling of pain and a feeling of betrayal. Do we even realise how our lives are interconnected beyond our control?

A movie that makes you feel is the most powerful cinema possible and believe me the movie is worth owning on DVD, even if you have to read the subtitles all through to know the dialogues, but to understand all you have to do is watch.

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