Directed by one of my favourite Indian directors, Darling is a movie that could have been far better than what it turns out to be. Ram Gopal Varma puts together a simple and pretty tight storyline.

Starring fardeen Khan as Aditya, Isha Koppikar as his wife, Esha Deol as Geetika, his office colleague and extra-marital affair, Zakir Hussain as the office colleague and friend, the movie Darling is a tale of passion, passion that kills. The tag line aptly puts it as a killer love story. I am not aware of the box office returns on this movie but what I liked about it was that the story is nothing new, of a young married man bored with the normality and conservativeness of a wedding looks to the young girl in office for some excitement and accidentally kills her. The dead girl appears as a ghost and torments the man to what we would expect, a horrific ending.

Well..if the story is nothing new than what did I like about the movie ? The answer would be its simplicity and extremely tight narrative. The movie focuses on the main characters and Ramu builds an atmosphere of fear and creates an eerie scene every moment.

Ramu gives the entire movie a kind of cold half-tone look with some excellent music scores from Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam Chakraborty, Prasana Shekhar. He makes no bones about the fact that in this movie ghosts are real and are not caricatures with frightening looks and shoddy make-up but normal humans who have passed from the realm of life into the realm of death. That's what makes this movie a little interesting, the way the ghost is treated and used. The appearance of the ghost herself is not frightening but the pressure that her appearances put on Aditya (Fardeen) and the frustration that he shows is quite a refreshing way from the commonly seen ghost with supernatural powers who appears startling you (like even in Ramu's previous ghost caper Bhoot). The ghost is so believable, almost like a real life stalker and this aspect is what raises this movie over the other run-of-the-mill ghost flicks.

What has worked for Ramu is that he has kept this tale simple and has used the half-tone, some good performances from Fardeen and Esha and kept the ghostly aspect very believable and powerful. While this movie is not among Ramu's best nor is it the best of horror movies, its definitely worth a watch. And all this without trying to be overly biased in favour of one my favourite directors in Indian Cinema.


Anonymous,  September 17, 2007 at 8:10 AM  

i am dying to see your comments on THE AAAAG by Mr.Ram Gopal verma...

pls enlighten us on this epic movie and its epic director....:)


Ved September 17, 2007 at 8:54 AM  

Well, almost went for that movie but could'nt. Will watch it sometime and will let you know for sure

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