Die Hard 4.0: Sequel or Version?

Die Hard 4.0 is a must watch for anyone who:

  1. has seen any of the previous Die Hards
  2. is a Bruce Willis fan is an action movie fan
  3. is a hacker or a n00b
  4. is an Apple fan

Die Hard 4.0 combines multiple genres in one movie...very well. You have action, love, and a bits and bytes of subtle comedy.

In the latest version (I call it version because of four dot O and not just four) of Die Hard, you can see Bruce Willis revisit his most celebrated role as John McLane. The story starts with McLane called in to bring Matt Farrel (Justin Long aka the Mac Guy...pretty ironic because Macs don't have that many hackers) into custody. As the story unfolds, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), a disgruntled employee of the cyber security organization, wants to bring America to its knees by holding a fire sale. Fire sale: (n) is when a hacker, or a team of hackers, bring down vital networks of a country (government, infrastructure, and economy). And yeah, McLane stops the whole operation. I agree the plot is not too thick...but the action definitely is. I felt some of the sequences were "highly influenced" by other action flicks -- hanging from a plane (True Lies) and McLane mowing down cars with his truck (Heat). Shooting through the shoulder was highly original.

On the whole, the movie is pretty darn good of the right length. I don't know if I could take an extra 30 minutes of watching McLane take down a chopper with his car. The Mac Guy has acted pretty well - from ads to Herbie to Die Hard to Drew Barrymore.

After watching the movie, I realized a lot of action heroes are making (good) comebacks. We had Rocky Balboa, T3, and now Die hard 4.0. Go ahead and watch it...I give it 4/5.



Ved September 20, 2007 at 7:21 PM  

Nice one Mayur !

After 300, Die Hard 4.0 was one movies I liked in the action genre in recent times.

Of course will watch the Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow and am sure the action there will be slick

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