Napoleon Dynamite: Wimps Rule

Napoleon Dynamite, the protagonist in the film of the same name, shows how wimps the end.

The movie revolves around the lives of three wimps - Napoleon (Jon Heder), his brother (Aaron Ruell), and his best friend (Efren Ramirez). Napoleon, a student of Preston high, spends all his time either being pushed around or drawing imaginary creatures such as ligers and unicorns. And as you could've guessed, he has no friends. Soon, Napoleon meets Pedro and they become best friends. The movie then goes into a number of sub plots like Pedro running for the school president, his uncle Rico trying to better their lives, Napoleon experimenting with a time machine, and Kip Dynamite finding his true love in an Internet chat room: La Fawnduh.

All the actors have delivered; and each actor compliments the other. The direction, editing, sound, may not be outstanding, but at the same time is flawless.

Overall, Napoleon Dynamite combines Ligers, tether ball, Internet romance, and a high school presidential race to create a movie that keeps you smiling throughout and ROTFL at times.

I give it a 3.5/5…"What do you think?"



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