Y tu mama tambien

Awesome piece of what I would call dry comedy & intense drama. Dry comedy to me is when the comedy is underlying and not directly visible (very cliche sounding, I know!). Nope, its not a new release. It's just that I got hold of the DVD just now.

Y tu mama tambien by Alfonso Cuaron starring Gael Garcia (Amores Perros) as Julio, Diego Luna as Tenoch Iturbide, Maribel Verdu as Luisa is a tale of the complex interactions of three or more purposes.

Julio and Tenoch are two teenagers with the usual hormonal upsurge who are left with a summer without their girlfriends who are off to Italy for their vacation. They meet Luisa at Tenoch's sister's wedding and finding her attractive and trying their hand to see what the outcome will be they feed her a story of a road trip being planned to a secret and exclusive beach called Heaven's Mouth. They appear to have the intention of having a dalliance with her if possible. Luisa has her own reason for wanting to escape, that of the infidelities of her husband.

The three of them set off on a road trip that will change all their lives forever. It is hilarious to watch the attempts of the teenagers trying to impress the older women and gain her favour. It is even more hilarious to watch the very plausible jealousy between the two, the anger when confessions are made and secrets let out of the bag. What happens on the road trip is a journey of discovery, loss of innocence if one could say so, understanding of relationships and realization of the fragility of life.

Sensitively and intelligently handled this movie stands heads and shoulders above all the other teenagers-awakening-into-adulthood kind of movies made anywhere for it is honest in its storytelling, precise in its treatment and superior in its performances ! Definitely a must watch for all young adults and adult-teenagers !


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