Jab We Met

Good movie. Gets to you immediately with the enthusiasm, humour and the spontaneity.

Hopeless and heart broken business tycoon Aditya decides to give it all up and meets the full of life Geet and takes a U turn and gets right back at life. After nine months he meets her again in particularly same circumstances, only this time it is Geet who is at the receiving end. What goes around truly comes around and how!

Besides this, there are good many things to watch out for in Jab We Met.

Naiveté and over confidence mixed together into a deadly but humorous concoction, Kareena Kapoor does for the first time impress you. In so many years of her acting career, I must say, she has passed in her 1st board exams.

Shahid Kapur is a good actor. At the end of it, you feel he has done plenty of justice to the character that he has taken up as a tycoon’s son. I would have expected a tycoon’s son to carry himself off like the way Shahid Kapur did in the movie.

The dialogues, the humour, true to life feeling and the transition from a full of life, happy go lucky to a lifeless soul and vice versa is a great thing to watch. It’s about life’s vicissitudes, how we deal with them and a fact that we all change with the changing circumstances around us, and an old wise tale repeated "to those who have gone ashtray, someone will come and show you the way"

The movie is watchable, and also some more things to watch out for:

Kareena kapoor has finally shed her parallel pants – kurta routine to a much ‘true to life’ clothing
Shahid Kapur finally looks old enough to be Kareena Kapur’s boyfriend
Models cant act, proved one more time by the guy who acts as Kareena Kapoor’s boyfriend, they must learn to not think of how they look
(He is hilarious and memorable "wo idiots mujhe jabarjasti ganne ke khet lejana chahate hai", Un-for-get-table!)
This is Kareena Kapur only good performance so far, by my standards i.e (and I have high standards, FYI)
Do watch it for an entertaining, feel good evening.


Ved November 18, 2007 at 12:45 AM  

Nice movie indeed. Watched it and really liked it. The on-screen chemistry between the two is really great !

Sunil November 18, 2007 at 9:37 PM  

definitely good evening entertainment. i like the " tum tho original piece ho! " dialogue.

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