30 Days of Night

Went to watch this movie not really knowing what it was about. Neither was it heavily promoted, nor had I read about it. All I has seen was part of its trailer someplace. the multiplex seating was half full and I had dragged along two friends who had'nt heard of this movie at all. Most of you wouldn't have heard much either and if you check at your local multiplex, it will be in in its last shows !


It is a tale that is very different (for the most part) and does give you the creepies (again for the most part). Directed by David Slade (who also directed this gem of a thriller called Hard Candy) and based on a graphic novel, the movie surprisingly has some known names and faces like Josh Hartnett (Hollywood Homicide, Lucky Number Slevin), Ben Foster (Alpha Dog, X-men 3, Hostage) Melissa George (Amityville Horror, Derailed) and a few others.

The tale is set in Borroughs, a town in Alaska which is just about to enter its 30 days of night, yes 30 days of absolutely no sun during the winter and this happens every year-the 30 days of night and not the story. On the last day of the Sun, The Stranger(Ben Foster) comes to town off a eerie ship, and who knows whats in the ship. You will, soon enough. Cellphones are stolen and burnt, the sled dogs are brutally killed, the phone lines go down, the power goes off. The atmosphere darkens, the Sun goes down not to appear again for another 30 days.

With this creepy atmosphere built up come the creatures. They cannot be shot, they cannot be stopped and they feast on the blood. Yup, they are the vampires who have been trying for centuries to hide the fact that they exist. This is a nice touch in this story and makes it seem so believable. the town Sheriff Eben (Josh) and his wife Stella (Melissa) now have to save the town and its people for the vampires have 30 days to feast, till the Sun comes out.

The bloodfest begins ! Those of you weak hearted at the sight, smell or sign of blood and gore, keep away. The story is delightful in the manner it builds up the atmosphere and the base to the story. The cast puts in a decent performance and you are entertained (if you consider being frightened or startled a form of entertainment). But, what pulls this average movie that could have risen above average is the emotional sidetrack between Eben and Stella with regard to their post marriage separation and the predictability that the movie ends up with. Except for this and a few other glitches the story writers and the Director do a good job. This movie is possibly the best after the Underworld series (Kate Beckinsale any day will pull up a vampire movie !) that deals with the vampire theme in seriousness and gives it a sense of credibility through its treatment of the myth of vampires.

This movie should be watched, at least for the first 3/4th of the movie. The Director is definitely going places (watch hard Candy and you will know why ). The ending disappoints, is overtly dramatised and drags quite a bit possibly because the writers were taking a 30 day (of nights) break to figure out how to end it !

The film makers (Ghosthouse Pictures) are coming out with another horror flick called The Messengers, the trailer of which we got to see before this movie and that looks interesting too. It stars Kristen Stewart (Panic room), Dylan McDermott (My best friend's wedding) and looks at the theme-Children are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomena. They see what adults cannot. They believe what adults deny. And they are trying to warn us. They are The Messengers !


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