As Mayur has said in his post below, Beowulf is a complete CGI feature based on an epic English Poem of heroism by an anonymous author. The tale is of a hero Beowulf, a Geat warrior who goes on become a great king and whose tales of heroism are sung all through England.

This tale of heroism brought to life (or almost real life) by Robert Zemeckis begins in the Netherlands where a monster named Grendel terrorises the mead hall of the king Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins animated). There comes ashore the great hero Beowulf (Ray Winstone animated) who slays the monster in a well animated action sequence. That's not all, Grendel has a mother (Angelina Jolie animated) who is the cause of all evil in the land and has her way with men using her magic and seduction. That's how Grendel came into being for Grendel is the son of Hrothgar and when her son is killed she looks for another man to bear her a son.

With Grendel dead all is well yet not so Beofwulf, to add to his heroic tale enters the cave to slay Grendel's mother and returned alive. But is Grendel's mother dead ? Did Beowulf make a pact with her so he may be the greatest of Kings and rule over all in return for the son she desires ? Will Beowulf remain king ? What will happen to Geatland (present day Spain I think), will it be forver free from any evil ?

Therein lies the real story of Beowulf, a heroic and strong man, but man enough to be weakened by desire and lust. The movie is brilliant in its execution and those of you who haven't watched it yet, do watch it but don't take kids along for although animated, the movie is extremely graphic and yes, you do get to see a nude Angelina Jolie in all her animated glory.

Since the epic poem spoke of Beowulf, not much is revealed about Grendel's mother, where she came from or what her purpose is but the character is a pivotal and enigmatic one and has more influence on the tale of Beowulf than the many other characters in the tale.

I always enjoy tales of heroism, battle, magic and intrigue. Possibly the kid in me is still alive and I enjoyed this movie although I am not a great fan of animated movies. I enjoyed it because it did not seem animated at all and I guess that's the power of technology applied to creativity !

The animation is outstanding. Even the very hair on the faces of the warriors appears real and that's the kind of detail that attention has been paid to. W .M Creations gets the credit for the life casting mold of the various characters. All this reality created without reality makes me wonder- What if animation gets so good that it appears real, then we wouldn't need real actors would we ?


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