The last man on earth is not alone

I am Legend

Imagine you are the last man alive in a city trying to find a cure to a virus to which you are immune, but which has wiped out humanity as we know it. You have your dog for company and everything that's left in the city is yours to take, but keep away from the dark corners and stay indoors, hidden, after dark.

You end up talking to mannequins to keep your sanity, you end up watching movie after movie. You end up watching taped news telecast. You end up broadcasting a message and waiting at a place at the same time every day, all in the hope that there is someone else out there, for you are the only man alive but you are not alone. The darkness brings out the creatures, who were once human.

Does this give you a foreboding preview of the tone of this movie ? I hope it does for words cannot describe the efforts of the director (Francis Lawrence) and the intense performance of Will Smith, as Robert Neville. A strain of measles modified to cure cancer soon mutates to become a deadly virus that turns the infected into vampire like creatures. Like I mentioned about the movie '30 Days of Night', this movie too treats the concept of 'vampires' with a lot of maturity and difference. I say 'vampire like creatures' because there is no delving into the history of their mythic origins, for they are a result of a virus. They cannot fly, change form etc. Yep, sunlight does burn their skin and that's the only thing that keeps them away.

Will Robert Neville find a cure ? Will Robert Neville find other uninfected humans, will he survive the creatures long enough and the discover the power of his own immunity ? If he does, then he will be legend.

For over 45 minutes of the movie the only human like being you see on screen is Robert Neville and the director needs to get credit for the manner in which the story is presented for it holds your attention ! The movie takes you along and you are waiting to see what will happen, before you are led to the tragic end. There are some dramatic moments like the one where Robert Neville is saved from a suicidal mission and the moment with his dog in his lab after a vicious attack by the creatures which tend to take away the greatness of the storytelling but still the movie is worth watching, once !


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