Ira Pradhan tells you all about the one film I will not watch.

Mass media was created for two reasons which has in the recent times become one – infotainment. The movie, the features, the serials have to give you some information or entertain you.

Sawaariya entertains you and contrary to the popular belief is fantastical and ports you immediately to a world much different from our own. And this is a good thing specially on a weekday, when you feel like going for a massage or a pedicure and you can’t. Sawaariya is like that, like a gentle head massage, easy on your senses and you will also get a nice sleep afterwards. You just have to make sure to go with the flow and not return to reality immediately. In short it is a stage on 70mm!

The story is run-of-the mill but hey, almost all movies have stories that can be predicted. It does not make you think and that is such a relief for a change. There are some directors who think that they are doing a great job, or making us think, but they aren’t!! It’s like someone telling you old stories with visual treats.

I realized from this movie that we no longer feel deeply. Or else we would have felt sad for this case of unrequited love. But lo! I did not hear a sigh of empathy, which is why I said, if nothing, Saawariya does entertain you!

With this Sanjay Leela Bansali graduates to another level – me thinks he can direct the next Harry Potter!!

Watch it, because a change will do you good.


Mayur Polepalli December 9, 2007 at 6:34 PM  

I could not watch more than 10 minutes of was way too boring for me!

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