India at the Oscars....

On the topic of the Oscars® you may wish to see all the movies ever sent in by India in an article on wikipedia.

My personal belief & opinion is that the movies that get nominated and win in the Best Foreign film category are all films, in order of priority are the ones that -1. Deal with human emotions 2. Portray stories that can be easily understood and felt by western audiences 3. Reflect the life/history/culture of the country the film is made in, in a manner that reflects the way it is perceived or understood by western audiences.

Yes, Lagaan was an exception in spite of its 3.5 hour length and numerous songs and dances.

Since the Golden Globes® were scrapped due to the writer's strike (as mentioned in my post -65th Golden Globes® in jeopardy? and Golden Globes® scrapped ) I wonder if an arrangement will be reached before the Oscars® or will the Oscars® too get reduced to a 32 minute press conference to announce the results ? I hope not.


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