88 Minutes

Directed by Jon Avnett, this Al Pacino starrer is a taut thriller. Imagine you have 88 minutes to live, and only those 88 minutes to find the person who is going to kill you and you do not even know why.

88 Minutes is a tale based on this very point of imagination. Al Pacino stars as Forensic psychologist Dr Jack Gramm who gained fame for providing evidence and testimony which condemned Jon Foster(Neal McDonnough), as a serial killer "The Seattle Slayer' and to a death sentence. Jon Foster of course claims innocence and accuses Jack Gramm of manipulating witnesses and giving false testimony.

On the day of the death sentence Jack Gramm receives a call stating he will die in 88 minutes and there is a killer out there (or more than one ?) for women are being murdered in copycat style to the Seattle slayer. Who is this killer who knows every move Jack makes while the minutes tick away

Al Pacino remains Al Pacino and is the only saving grace of this movie. The movie is good for an afternoon watch and does not stay in your mind as one of those thrillers that chill you to the bone nor does it intrigue you. All in all, even if you miss, you don't miss much.


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