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Finally, I got down to completing the list of movies & audio-visual entertainment titles that I have and I am pleased to say I have crossed the magic number of 500 ! Yes ! the going has been slow but its been steady. I am running our of space too so I moved all my TV series to a CD pouch. And the 120 CD pouch is all full so I will have to go shopping for one or two more CD pouches.

And more on Bollywood, the ET Intelligence Tracker gives some data on whats happening at the box office. The net collection (cumulative) for the week 07-13 March gives 10,000BC to be top grosser with INR 120.6 Lakhs (but is a flop) and so on. Cannot give too much credence to these ratings but then in India we have no other cumlative box office rating system. Each TV Channel has its own Film Review show with their own ratings. The only two I trust are CNN IBNs 'Now Showing' with Rajeev Masand (highly entertaining, even if I don't agree with all his views) and the show on NDTV by Anupama Chopra called Talking Movies.


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