The Golden Compass

Imagine your soul travelled by your side in the form of an animal that most represented you. Imagine that all beings were interconnected by cosmic dust. Imagine that there was somebody who wanted to destroy this unifying force. Imagine there was a Golden Compass that told you everything you wanted to know. Imagine a parallel universe to ours.

If you could imagine all these or couldn't, still do rejoice for Chris Weitz brings this amazing tale to life on screen. Based on a novel by Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass is an endearing and colourful adventure. Nicole Kidman puts in another brilliant performance as Marisa Coulter whose soul is represented by an evil looking ape. Daniel Craig stars as Lord Asriel, uncle of Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) and Lyra, a young girl roaming through Oxford among the scholars, the politics of the adults and the streets looking for adventure finds it at home when she becomes destined to be the one who can read the golden compass.

And then she starts of a journey that is so magical and beset with mythical creatures and magical beings that holds you to your seat and at the end of it all you are waiting for more...a sequel maybe.


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