Well... my short sabbatical turned to be a long one and resulted in writer's block too ! The sabbatical was only restricted to blogging and did not stop me from a watching a lot of movies so what I will do is give a one para view of the movies watched (other than the detailed views I have given in the previous posts)

10,000 BC (English) :Quite a disappointment from Roland Emmerich considering independence Day and The Day after Tomorrow. Poor man's version of Apocalytpo with a little more romance thrown in and a little less of the gore and blood. Illogical references, slow screenplay and some not-so-good performance from the lead actors pull the movie down 10000 notches.

Vantage Point (English): Great idea. Not new though. Slow screenplay and predictable script pull down what could have been a nice edge of the seat thriller. Underutilized talent in form of Forest Whittaker and others. 8 points of view is a bit too much, 4-5 would have been sufficient !

Jodhaa Akbar (Hindi): Cinematically advanced, awesome production value. Good performances, Brilliant Music. Suffers from long and slow screenplay and the fact that the historical tale could not avoid modern treatment. Loved the movie for it being well made though.

Michael Clayton (English): Made for the Oscars ! Well... a very good movie about a law firm fixer (Gorge Clooney) whose mentor undergoes a pang of guilt at the work being done for guilty clients which affects millions expecially when the client is a pharma company. Some great performances, brilliant casting make this movie worth a watch. Clooney shines.

Mithya (Hindi) : Brilliant ! Watched it twice. Dark comedy and drama. new genre to Hindi cinema. Awesome performances, great direction, superb casting ! Ranvir Shorey rules ! The movie is one that will be an awesome companion when you've had a fight with world and need to see what else could go wrong or go right !

Fool's gold (English): Nice and sweet. Typical Kate Hudson type. Donal Sutherland comes back to put in a cool performance. Matthew McConaughey puts in a performance similar to his Dirk Pitt role but with lesser intelligence and more boyish charm as the character requires. Overall a nice watch.

Superstar (Hindi): Kunal Khemu can act and show screen presence. Enjoyable but short of brilliance. Kunal Khemu as both the lazy has it all superstar son of a producer and as the struggling extra puts in a good performance. The weakness lies in the story especially in the 2nd half.

Eastern Promises (English): Nice and tight. Good performances especially from Viggo Mortensen but the mob story doesn't hold you long enough. Did it deserve an Oscar nomination ? Well... you watch and decide.

Rambo (English): Sylvester tallone should retire or find ways to play a mentoring role. The 4th installment of Rambo only reinforces the fact that Stallone just should'nt speak much and now taht he's old shoud'nt show himself either. A better storyline would have been : 1) Rambo has ason who has modeled himself on dad and goes on the mission to save dad 2) Rambo gets a protege who he trains and who comes after him to rescue. You watch and you may come up with some more.

My name is Anthony Gonsalves (Hindi): Disappointing from E Nivas. Good actors like Pawan Malhotr and Mukesh Tiwari, Anupam Kher but underutilized. Weak story, lacklustre performance from lead actor pull the film down to name-less-ness.

The Hunting Party (English): Nice movie about a journalist's search and encounter with a wanted War criminal in Bosnia. Richard Gere and Terrrence Howard lead the film. Worth a watch. Caught it on DVD

When a man falls (English): A psych story dealing with the lives of three people and their loose disconnected lives. Starring Sharon Stone, Dylan baker and Timothy Hutton the movie is not so great but has some interesting sequences. Watch it if you have nothing else to do.

People I know (English): Caught this oldie on disc. Al Pacino at not his. Tale of a publicist in his last days with lesser clients and fewer friends, who gets caught in a scam beyond his control. Boring script and predictable from Al Pacino make this one a watch for an afternoon you wish to take a nap and are not worried what you miss.

A Mighty Heart (English): The much talked about movie on Daniel Pearl. Highly overrated movie. Slow script lets it down. Angelina Jolie and Irrfan Khan couldn't save this one.


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